The OC MPMM | magnetic perpetual motion machine

The OC MPMM - Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machine

This means the end of the energy crisis for America and the rest of the world

The making of a PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE has always been a fantastic dream. There are many attempts along history, but always the same ending: PERPETUAL MOTION continues being a legend.
On another hand, the amazing properties of magnetic materials have always astonished boys and intuitive men. They can see a mysterious secret inside these materials. I think these properties are not being used properly enough yet.
Some time ago I found a fantastic program called FGHTY. This program makes analysis of all parameter types on magnetic systems, so I decided to analyze all the configurations of magnetic systems in the magnetic motors research. I found that some systems definitively didn't work, others were difficult to repeat, and a few others contained good ideas.
Then I found the Peter Harris Miller PHMI theory. Then, I decided to analyze the system, and see the force profile on the moving magnets: THE REST IS HISTORY!

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