As you can see, there is no opposition or neutral point along the path. The medium force is about 80 N*m in this configuration. Here is a comparison between the effect of a STATOR MAGNET and all the TRACK:

You can notice that INFLUENCE REGION is smaller than IMPULSE REGION as said before, so the total force is always positive on X axis.

The device works better when the MOVING MAGNET is close to the TRACK (but the Y force variations increase) and when the STATOR MAGNETS are thinner, because more of them affect the MOVING MAGNET and then the X force is more regular:


Due to the great number of equal STATOR MAGNETS needed, you could think the system is very difficult to 'tune'. The following simulation confirms that variations on magnets field affects only efficiency, not working principle. The system is robust to STATOR MAGNETS variation.

Let's see a configuration of STATOR MAGNETS of different sizes, to simulate different B fields. The variations are about 20% on Y size:

The flux lines are like these ones:

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